Meet the Lab Members

Dr. Eric J. Vanman, Senior Lecturer

Eric  is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland Australia. After receiving his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Southern California in 1994, he was a post-doctoral fellow in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience at USC and then spent a year as a research scientist at Texas A&M University. He was then a lecturer at Emory University until his appointment as an Assistant Professor at Georgia State University in 2000. He left Georgia State in 2007 as an Associate Professor to take up his current position. His research interests include the social neuroscience of emotion and intergroup prejudice, and his studies have incorporated several kinds of psychophysiological and neuroimaging methods.  He's an Associate Editor at Biological Psychology and Cognition and Emotion.


Current Students

Leah Sharman, PhD Student

Leah is interested in crying--how people perceive tears, what makes them cry, what happens after the crying is over.


2014-11-20 -Sarah G.jpeg

Sarah Grainger, PhD Student

Interests include Aging and the Perception of Emotion, Emotional Intelligence.





Billy Sung, PhD Student

Generally speaking, I’m interested in consumer psychology and neuromarketing. I’m currently investigating how marketing communications can elicit the emotion of interest and drive consumer to favour novelty over familiarity. 

Summary of Interests:

  • Innovation and new product management
  • Fluency vs. disfluency
  • Mere exposure effect
  • Boredom proneness 
  • Differentiation of positive emotions


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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Hayley Colman

Julia Riches

May Chantra

Current Honours Students

Coming in 2016!

Lab Alumni

Dr. Nerisa Dozo

Dr. David Cowan

Dr. Belinda Craig

Dr. Michael Philipp

Dr. Sashenka Milston

Dr. Beth O'Brien-McInally

Dr. Jenni Wallis

Mari Horiguchi

Alexandra Hall

Sarah Rowley

Rosemary Baker

Tash Bobir

Leah Sharman

Kyah Johnstone

Jenna Scambler

Sara Berndt

Martin Henrion